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Spectra interactive and batch extraction tool.


Spectra can be selected inside a given area centered at the input J2000 (ra,dec) center. The area selection can be performed by two modes: - a circle with radius "size"; - a square box of side "size". Spatial units are arcsec (asec,s)or arcmin (amin,m).

Three query types are available: single, file and batch.

  • single query type allows a single area extraction.
  • file query type allows to retrieve more than one selection area. The query is interactive and results are displayed after the elaboration in the browser table.
  • batch query type also allows to retrieve more than one selection area but results will be provided in an off line tar-gzipped file after an e-mail notification. "batch" queue is slower than "file" queue but permits up to 5 queries at time.

Among the other intuitive options, the "search plates" one let you choose if data must be extracted from a single (default) plate or from all the area overlapping plates. Default plate is defined as the plate with smallest center distance from the input center.


What follows applies to both batch and file query type.
Query input file must be an ascii file with comma separated columns.

Columns muste be: ra, dec, size[unit]

21:32:03, -12:50:42, 10m 
21:30:03, -12:45:42, 5s 

First line search spectra inside a circle of 10 arcmin from the center position (21:32:03, -12:50:42), in the second line circle radious is 5 arcsec.


Query is limited to the first occurring restriction between: 1) no more than 1000 spectra per query , 2) no more than 1000 command line in file.
In "single" and "file" query type modality only one query at time is allowed. This means that if more than one query session comes to the system any previous query will be discarded.
In "batch" query type up to five query per session are permitted.


With the single and the file query the user can use a basket like system to accumulate data of interest that he can save during navigation or at its end before exiting.
Collected data have session ownership and are available for the current browser session: therefore collected data must be saved before leaving the site or closing the browser.

At the bottom of the left side menu, a button "see your collection" is always present for data saving and inspecting purposes.


By summarizing, the get image tool must be used if you are interested in extracting byurakan image portions with all the spectra included; the explore tool must be used if you are interested in investigating a visual image and spectra.