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Image (and spectra) extraction tool.


This tool allows to extract a portion of a byurakan plate image together with the related spectral object profiles and other parameters. Image will be centered at (ra,dec) J2000 input coordinates and can reach a maximun width-height of 1024 pixels.

Use the "get image" button to submit a query: after a while will appear the selected image.

The options listed in the left side permit to view ra,dec, map overlay, object identification and a small box around the object center position.


One can directly download the image (in fits format) or use "collect" to add the image to the session collection for later global download. All objects spectra in the selected area can be included for download. During the site exploration the user can use a basket like system to accumulate data of interest that he can save during navigation or at the end before exiting. Collected data have session ownership and are available for the current browser session. So one must save before leaving the site or closing the browser. At the bottom of the left side menu, a button "see your collection" is always present for data saving and inspecting purposes.


This tool allows to extract an image portion and can includes all the spectra in the same area. If you are interested in a visual image and spectra investigation then you can use the explore tool. If you are interested to a quick spectra extraction in one or more area then you can use the get spectra tool.

To view and save an object spectrum:

  • a) click on the desired object on the field image;
  • b) use the option "collect" in the spectrum window in order to add spectral data or to view an object spectrum in your basket.

To see what you saved or to download what you have selected:

  • - use the option "view collection" in the spectrum window.