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Compare with.


Image and spectra exploring tool.


This tool allows to explore the byurakan plate images together with the correspondent spectral profiles of the observed objects and some related parameters.

The exploring operations can be performed through the selection of successive image frames of 388 x 388 pixels, whose center must be indicated writing J2000 Ra and Dec in the corresponding fields of the center query form:a click on the show image button will submit the query and, after a while, the selected region will appear in the left side panel.The Options listed in the left side of the image frame permit to view ra,dec (Position), map overlay (Grid) and identification of the selected object together with a small box around the object center position.

To obtain the spectral profiles and some related parameters, a simple click on the spectrum of the object to be investigated will produce, in the right side panel, a little window showing the spectrum plot together with some parameters as J2000 coordinates,Red and Blue magnitudes,the class and the spectrum Length in pixels. Finally, always in the left side,the field named Compare with permits to compare the image frame with the correspondent one of DSS1, DSS2-red, DSS2-blue, DSS2-infrared catalogues.To perform the comparing operation a click on the show image button is necessary: two smaller aligned images will be created for the same sky area. In this last case spectrum profile and parameters will be displayed at the browser bottom.


During the site exploration the user can use a basket like system to accumulate data of interest that can be saved during navigation or at its end before exiting. Collected data have an ownership session and remain available for the current browser session: therefore, the data must be saved before leaving the site or closing the browser. At the bottom of the left side menu, a button "see your collection" is always present for data saving and inspecting purposes.


This tool allows to select spectra through visual image investigation. May be you are interested in extracting byurakan image portions with all the spectra included. In that case the get image tool is what you need. The get spectra tool is then available if you are interested to a quick spectra extraction in one or more area.